About Us


Business Start Up

Welcome to SMARTWATCH.SG! My name is David and I started my watch business more in trendy-look since 1995, in which the watch imported from Hong Kong after discovering those affordable pricing mechanic and digital watches in Singapore are very conservative-look, all watches locked up in glass cabinets without any lighting to brighten up and without any experience zone for customers by majority of retailers at that moment.


Business Track Record

Throughout the past 30 years; as being a retailer, I was always to be the pioneer to bring in up-trendy products for Singapore retail market, from trendy digital watches, local educational software, computer accessories, flash drives, laptop Skin, smartphone accessories, handheld karaoke microphones, wireless power bank & charger to wireless bluetooth earbuds before the market saturation.  I also gave born for the brand so called A1 and e-Power for the above product lines.


Why kick off the smartwatch ?

Since early 2017, I have found out that the smartwatches in Singapore beginning to be more and more popular demanded, but the price is very expensive from few hundreds Singapore dollars onwards and even some prices are closing to Singapore dollars One thousand or above, launched out by those famous big international brands.  On the other hand, those smartwatches in affordable pricing are only in limited supply and are offered at online platforms only by the China trading agents, shipped to the customers from overseas in 7 days to even 1 month without any warranty at all.   Quite a lot of customers have bad experience and feeling of regret to make the purchase after receiving the watches and throw away to rubbish bins as the functions mentioned online are far exaggerated, or battery run out in few hours’ time, or network frequency is only 2G (obsoleted in Singapore) instead of 3G or 4G, or no accessories for support once lost (such as charging cables).


1st NewTrendy Smartwatch Concept Shop

I feel that it is a right time for me back to the watch line again. Immediately I set up my company  NewTrendy.Today  in early 2017 with the mission to bring in a trendy lifestyle ahead for our Singaporean, and focus on the up-coming trend product -  smartwatches.  Starting from the early beginning,  I have been working very closely with our affiliative manufacturers in China to provide with more up-trendy look smartwatches in good quality and affordable prices under our brand name  NewTrendy . We even set up our 1st smartwatch concept shop, and maybe the 1st local brand smartwatch concept shop in Sim Lim Square in Singapore at which all new born technology coming out from there.  

www.smartwatch.sg Born

By end of 2019, our company further enhance our smartwatch business from Offline to Online in order to let our customers to make purchase of our NewTrendy smartwatches more convenient, comfortable, and even feeling more safety with local warranty protected by our company.  This is the SMARTWATCH.SG born.

Should you like a quality smartwatch with up-trendy look, affordable price, covering by warranty, full range of accessories available any time , then NewTrendy smartwatch is a good fit and SMARTWATCH.SG is a good place for purchasing.  We welcome questions so feel comfortable to contact us if you have any – I will likely be your first point of contact and look forward to helping you.


Thank you for visiting our online store today.